Geography Club Report

  Sardar Patel Mahavidyalaya , Chandrapur has been providing the quality education in department of Geography to undergraduate student since 1971 as wells to post graduate student since 1987. At present 787 students are taking education in department of Geography for the session 2008-2009. 
  Shri Prabhakar Naktode was the first appointed as lecturer in Geography subject. He promoted the natural and cultural activities to subject related. Shri Nagtode Sir was the Head of the Department of Geography from 1971 to 1996. In this period NAAC Committee visit to Sardar patel college in 2003-2004. 
  In 1996, Dr. J. A.. Sheikh became the head of Department of Geopgraphy and thepost Gradute Course of Geography started from 19987-88.
  To enhance the academic qualities in students to avail them the useful stage to create the interest in subject to make than aware about the latest trends in subjects out department established “ Geography `Club” this year as usual. 
  In 1997 Sri N.S. Yelne sir became the Head of the Geography Department .That’s time librated 3 day’s grand program of ‘Geography Day’ on 14th Jan . On this vaiuable event general knowdge competition . Flower arrangement competition, Geographycal Rangoli Competition, Charts and models exhibition. The exhibition opera for all students of Sardar Patel College and other department of Geography in Chandrapur District. 
  Our department arrangr the educational trip Geographical station . Like Nepal, Draggling, Kolkatta, Mysore, Banglor, Ooty, Kodaicanal, Mahabaleshwar, Chikhaldara, Harihareshwar, Shri Wardhan, Pachmadi, Jabalpur, Goa etc. The department also arranged the study tour local places like a Bhamaragad, Hemalkasa, Glosy of Forest and somnath. 
  Every year on Geography Day the club member and Geography student carry out a rally about its Natural and Cultural activity from S. P. College to Gandhi Chowk, Jatpura Gate and back to college . In this rally lecturer staff and student both jointly decorates about the geographical events . The members of geography club carry out activities like population control plastic avoidation, water conservation, platation etc. Throughout the rally on this day in S. P. College the events are helds like drawing, Rangolies and making promotions of Geography subjects, through these rangolies, various competitions like debates Questionary, essy Competition, Kaun Banega Geographer activities performed on this particular day department always publishes a book named ‘VASUNDHARA’every year.Principal Dr. V. S. Ainchwar has promoted the facilities like computer, labs for staff as well as for students G.I.S. course and metrological station is Introduced in theprogrss and development of club . Hon’ble shri Shantaramji Potdukhe, Shri Babasaheb Nimbalkar and sri Madanrao Dahnkar always have a great role. 
  The Maharashtra Govt. and Nagpur University have given the permission to the club to start new subject of P. G. Diploma in Cartography.First time geography department has introduce a device of ‘Roof Water Harvesting Under National Enviroment Awareness Campaign 2004’. In Junona, three day Hydrological awareness campaign introduced. Inthat Mr. Shantaramji Potdukhe’s presence as well as Prin. Dr. V.S. Ainchwar and shri Madanrao Dhankar. The plan was to executed . In that peoples awareness rally, by discussion, distribution awareness letters etc. Other college like Janta college and ‘Art and Science college, tukum, had contributed and formed rally for peoples awareness about. 
  On Sarvodaya Shikashan Mandal’s Golden Jubeeli in year 2006-2007. The Geography Department in S. P. College conduct ‘Geography General Knowledge ‘ exam heald on 1st sept.2007 for the class 8th various school of Chandrapur . They 8th were invited to take participate in this exam for price distribution programme, the Honb’le shri Shantaram potdukhe, Honb’leDr. Subhash Nikam were invited to they handed price scholar students.
  On 3rd Jan 2007 the Geography department arranged the speech on ‘era of research ‘ by Honb’le Pro pro Dr. Deepak Wankhede, Nagpur . Also for seminar series Inaugration, handed by Shri D. A. Pardhi (Universiy Geography Member)  
  On 16th Jan 2007 celebrated university level debate competition, Geographycal exhibition, Hastalikhit Prakashan Speech competition ( subject for, Tourisime development in geographical environment.)On Sarvodaya Shikshan Mandal’s Golden Jublee year, Ku. Rajani Gharade have reading short research paper on ‘Land Utillization and Population of Chandrapur District’.On2nd Oct. 2007, Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti, The Non-Violance day’ was celebrated by arranging Rally Chandrapur Road.In the session 2007-200/8 in the presence of R.T.M. Nagpur University P.G. Section’s exams were condected in which sachin Mande with 76.10% and Vaishali Dhanorkar with 70-50% stood merits.In the session of 2008-09 geography department had consentrated on students physical appearance their personality development, their cultural activities etc. and introduced a new stage.  
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