Sarvodaya Shikshan Mandal's

Sardar Patel Mahavidyalaya, Chandrapur

Recipient of PM USHA Grant 2024

NAAC Accredited with B++ grade with CGPA 2.93
Ranked among Best 100 College in India in India Today Ranking 2021

Library & Information Science

C. Lib. : Certificate Course in Library and Community Information Centers Management.

  1. Foundation and Library and Community Information Centres Management
  2. Classification and Subject Indexing.
  3. Cataloguing and Bibliography
  4. Information Services and Sources
  5. Computer Application in Libraries and Community Information Centers


  1. Practical Test in D.D.C
  2. Practical Testin catalogin base on AACRR
  3. Viva-Voce
  4. Term Work Consist of
  • A Class work in Classification
  • Class Work in Cataloguing
  • Class Work in Information Source and Services
  • Report on Library Visit

Bachelor of Library and Information Science B. Lib.Sc. [Theory]

Paper I   Foundation of Librarianship
Paper II Library System and Management
Paper III Information Services and Sources
Paper IV  Classification and Subject Indexing
Paper V  Cataloging and Document Bibliography
Paper VI  Computer Application for Libraries and information services

B. Lib.Sc. [Practical]

  1. Practical Test in classification
  2. Practical Test in Cataloging
  3. Team work
  • Class work in classification
  • Class work in Cataloging
  • Class work in Bibliography
  • Class work in Information Services
  • Tour Report
  • Viva-Voce
  • Computer Application Practical

Master in Library & Information Science M.Lib. Sci.

  1. Information and Communication
  2. Information Analysis Repacking and Consolidation
  3. Information Retrival and Bibliographical Control
  4. System Analysis and Bibiometrics
  5. Information Technology Applications
  6. Information System Elective Paper
    i) Archival, Musium and Archalogicaul Information System


  1. Practical Examination in Information Technology Application
  2. Project Work Report
  3. Viva-Voce
  4. Internal Assesment

Faculty Members

Dr. S.S.Bhuttamwar (Librarian)  M.Com, M.Lib.Sci, M.Phil,Ph.D.
Shri. S.R.Munjankar M.A., M.Lib.Sc.
Ku.Veena Borkar M.A., M.Lib.Sci.L.L.B.,B.Ed.
Ku.Sharda Pachbhai M.A.., M.Lib.Sc

Chandrapur City is one of the oldest city with huge land coverage surrounded with forest and natural resources like coal and hence popularly known as Black Gold City. Due to its richness in resources many industrialist has been attracted toward